Joomla Plugin

Sa11y is proudly a core feature within Joomla as of version 4.1 and above — no installation necessary! Within Joomla, Sa11y is recognized as the Joomla Accessibility Checker, also referred to as Jooa11y.

Accessibility Check

When editing an article, you can quickly check a page for accessibility using the Accessibility Check button within the Toolbar.

Screenshot of the Accessibility Check within the Joomla Toolbar while editing a page.

Settings page

Jooa11y works out-of-the-box, although you can use the settings page to customize the experience for website authors and adapt Jooa11y to your theme. If your website authors can't fix it - don't check it!

  1. From the Administrator page, go to System.
  2. Go to Plugins.
  3. Search for Accessibility Checker.
  4. Select System - Joomla Accessibility Checker.

For additional assistance navigating through the different settings, select the Toggle Inline Help button.

Screenshot of the settings page within the Joomla Administrator area.

Adding exclusions

Note: Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS is recommended.

You can ignore repetitive elements or create exclusions using CSS selectors or HTML sectioning elements within the Ignore Regions field. Use a comma to seperate multiple selectors or elements.

Advanced customization with props

You can pass in additional props via Extra Properties. Each prop should have a key and value pair. View a list of all props.

Frequently asked questions

I do not see any errors or warnings on the page?

Use the "Skip to issue" button or press alt S. If you still do not see them, it's most likely an accessibility issue with your theme. Consult a web developer to have a look.

The issue may also be caused by conflicting or overlapping elements. Developers, please view documentation on conflicting CSS.

I tagged my PDFs in Acrobat, although I still get a warning?

Sa11y is not able to check for accessibility issues within PDFs. Sa11y will flag all PDFs as a warning regardless if they are accessible or not.

My videos have closed captions, although I still get a warning?

If your video has accurate closed captions, please ignore this warning. Sa11y is not able to validate or confirm if videos have accurate captions.